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Efficiently manage clients and vehicles with the innovative EZ LYNK® Cloud from anywhere in the world. Send and receive data to lynked vehicles in real-time. Just open your browser and GO!

Scan Tool Data and Functions

are available through the lynk established between your customer’s vehicle and your technician web based app on the EZ LYNK® Cloud. Improve productivity, customer support, and profits with remote access to On-board Diagnostics.

The Powerful EZ LYNK® Cloud provides connectivity to your customers’ vehicle, giving you the ability to scan, diagnose, and potentially repair vehicles without having the vehicle on premises.

  • Over-The-Air Vehicle Updates

    Provide your customers with the convenience of updating their vehicles without having to bring them to a service facility. Updates can be provided to all applicable vehicles or to one specific vehicle.

  • Vehicle

    Suggest functions such as stationary DeSoot allows for the remedy of vehicle issues without bringing the vehicle into a service facility.

  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)

    Easily read and clear vehicle's Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

  • Vehicle Datalog Playback

    30 minutes of data

    Playback up to 30 minutes of data in a convenient graph timeline.

    Parameter selection

    Select specific parameters to isolate relevant troubleshooting data.

    Customer bookmarks

    Review time-stamped bookmarks with user added comments.

    Timeline control

    Zoom and adjust playback speed to monitor data more efficiently.

Manage Customers

Your customers’ vehicles are neatly organized making it easy to find and diagnose vehicle concerns. Know the vehicle but cannot remember the owner's name? Use the quick search feature to locate customer vehicles.

Auto Lynk Queue

Users can be prompted to lynk their vehicles with you when their VIN or Auto Agent® serial number is added to your auto lynk queue.

ECU Profile Editor

  • Add parameters to your favorites for quick access
  • Display and edit parameters
  • Apply conversion factors to parameters
  • Display parameter data in 2d and 3d graphs
  • 2d and 3d click and drag editing
  • Smooth function
  • Search field

Chat with Customers

Communicate quickly and conveniently with your customers using the Chat function. EZ LYNK® Chats are securely saved in your account for future reference.

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