Auto Agent® Mobile App

A connected OBD Scan Tool for you and your vehicle’s technician

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Scan Tool

The Auto Agent® app provides insight to critical vehicle sensor data allowing you to monitor in real time the health and status of your vehicle. Using the integrated, adjustable alarms, you’ll be alerted if parameters get out of range.

Live Data

View and Record vehicle data in real time with the Auto Agent® App. Customize units and format layout in Digital Tiles, Analog Gauges, or view data over time as a Line Graph, all to your liking. Share recorded data Over-The-Air with any technician of your choice in seconds.

Vehicle Functions

Keep your vehicle in good health while saving a trip to the Dealership by performing technician recommended vehicle functions in the Auto Agent® App Anywhere, Anytime.

Read and Clear DTC’s

Diagnostic Trouble Codes are your car's way of telling you what is wrong with its health. The Auto Agent® app allows you to easily understand what your vehicle is trying to tell you and clear the code after the repair is made.

O-T-A Firmware Updates

Similar to your Smartphone, today's complex vehicles often require periodic firmware updates to its various systems. The Auto Agent® App keeps you up-to-date by instantly notifying you when updates are provided by any technician of your choice, through the EZ LYNK® Cloud. Your vehicle can be updated Anytime, Anywhere in minutes, without making a trip to the repair shop.

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