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EZ LYNK® (and the information maintained on provides a means of communication between Auto Agent® app users and EZ LYNK® Cloud registered technicians. Users and technicians are restricted to shared data, files, and content that they have the legal rights of. Specifically, this extends to vehicle software updates, website content, and other media that can be utilized by all EZ LYNK® products/services. Legally/illegally acquiring or purchasing data does not give EZ LYNK® users or registered technicians to right to share or sell with others. Data that cannot be verified should not be shared.
By using the Auto Agent® app and EZ LYNK® Cloud you’re stating that the information maintained in your account does not violate any terms of service and that you have the right to possess or distribute the data. EZ LYNK® reserves the right to immediately terminate or temporarily suspend the use of its products or services in infringement cases.

Data Permissions

Automated or systematic collection of data on this website and on all available EZ LYNK® platforms is strictly prohibited. You may request permission to use copyrighted materials directly from the copyright owner.

Copyright Enforcement

EZ LYNK® takes the protection of its copyright and all data maintained through EZ LYNK® products and services very seriously. If EZ LYNK® discovers that you have used materials that violate the copyright policy, the copyright owner may bring legal proceedings against you seeking monetary damages and an injunction to immediately halt the use of those materials. If you are aware of any data or materials shared or maintained using any EZ LYNK® products or services, please report the information immediately by submitting a DMCA notice. EZ LYNK® practices haste when responding to DMCA notices in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.

All reported infringements are thoroughly investigated before necessary action is taken.

Non-legal issues that concern EZ LYNK’s Terms of use & Privacy policy should be reported to

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